Yellow fin Tuna (Atún)


Yellowfin tuna have a muscular, streamlined body like a swimming torpedo and like all tuna they can swim fast as lightning. A tuna's color is dark blue to black on the back and tail fin, yellow and silver on the side and belly. The second dorsal and anal fins are yellow and very long in older fish. Yellow finlets run down the back and belly from these two fins to the tail fin and are a bright, canary yellow with black edges. 

Where Found

Yellow fin tuna are found here from 15-40 miles offshore and are usually caught trolling the same lures and baits as are used to catch sailfish. They are commonly found under large schools of spinner dolphin, which are abundant here. 

Feeding Habits

Yellowfin feed on fishes and invertebrates associated with sargassum. This will occur in at the water's surface in the open ocean. Foods include larval crabs and shrimps, squids, paper nautilus, flying fish, triggerfish, and jacks. 

Peak Fishing Season

While caught year round here, January through August seem to offer the strongest numbers of Tuna caught here. 

Sporting Qualities
Yellowfin tuna are considered a sport fish and are highly sought after by anglers and commercial fishermen alike. After hitting a lure or bait, they often go deep and will fight with great power and tenacity. 

Most Effective Technique

Anglers commonly troll brightly colored lures or rigged baitfish to catch this species. 

Food Quality

Outstanding! Most commonly eaten raw as Sashimi or lightly seared with red center.

World Record

388 lbs.

Preferred Water Temps

72 to 82