Red Snapper (Pargo Rojo)

The back and upper sides are scarlet to brick red, and the lower sides and belly are lighter. Small red snapper, up to 10 inches, have a dark spot on the upper sides just below the soft dorsal fin. Adult red snapper are easily distinguished from other red-colored snappers.

Where found:
Snapper can be found Nearshore and offshore, typically congregated around rocky bottom structure and reefs.

Feeding Habits
Snapper commonly eat small fish, squid, crustaceans and chunked baits.. They are verocious feeders and are caught with a wide variety of baits.

Peak Season
Caught here year round, July through December offer the strongest Snapper bites. There are multiple species of Snapper caught here.

Sporting Qualities
All species of Snapper offer the angler a challenging battle, especially when hooked on light tackle. They are hard fighters that once hooked make strong, head shaking runs for the bottom, looking for cover. 

Most Effective Angling Technique:

Live bait slow trolled or fished directly on the bottom. Dead bait fished on the bottom over rocky structure and reefs.

Food Quality
Outstanding. Light, white flaky meat when cooked. A  prized fillet for table fare.

World Record

50 lbs.

Preferred Water Temps
70 to 89