Rooster Fish (Pez Gallo)


This is probably the most easily recognized specie in the jack family. Roosterfish have 7 distinct spines that stand high above the dorsal fin when they are excited or threatened. There are also two long streaks that run from the fish's dorsal fin, down the sides, and ending before their tail.

Where Found:

Predominantly along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica near and inshore along sandy shoals, as well as rock formations and reefs.

Sporting Qualities
Much like it's relative the Amberjack, roosterfish will make a screaming first run once hooked. These very strong fighters can often be found near surf, circling birds, and inshore waters..

Peak Fishing Season

While caught here round out of the Los Suenos region, the months of June through Late November seem to offer the most successful trips for Rooster Fish.

Most Effective Technique

Live Blue runners and various other live baits are typically slow trolled around near shore rock formations to produce the best Roosterfish action. Drifting and slow trolling strip baits is also a very effective method of enticing Roosterfish bites.

Food Quality:

None. All Rooster Fish caught our boats are live released after photo.

Feeding Habits:

Roosterfish eat small fish, crabs, squid, and other crustaceans.

World Record:

114 lbs