Wahoo (Peto)



Long, slender body marked with zebra-like stripes of white and deep blue or black. Mouth is elongated and narrow, and equipped with razor-sharp teeth.


Where Found

Wahoo are present in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans in clear, tropical and subtropical waters. Heavy seasonal concentrations occur off the Pacific coasts of Costa Rica, Panama and Baja California in the summer months.

Feeding Habits

Primarily feed on whole small fishes, such as sardines, scads, mackerel and squid. They are frequently solitary feeders, but they may sometimes be found in small, loose groups. Wahoo are sub-surface hunters that hang several feet below the surface and shoot up to attack prey with tremendous speed. They tend to be more active in the morning and evening hours.

Peak Fishing Season

While caught year round here, the summer months have offered the most occasions where Wahoo are caught.

Sporting Qualities
May strike a surface bait in spectacular, greyhounding fashion, but seldom jumps after being hooked. Wild fight is characterized by several sizzling runs, usually at or near the surface. One of the fastest of all game fish..

Most Effective Technique

Trolled rigged baits such as ballyhoo, spoons, or other lures. Wahoo are commonly caught in the same spread being trolled for Sailfish and Marlin.

Food Quality

Outstanding! Often found on the menus of local seafood restaurants.

World Record

158 lbs.

Preferred Water Temps

72 to 80